Saturday, February 26, 2011

Karektor Nabi Muhammad SAW - Bgh 2

Hari ni, insya allah nk sambung lg kisah yg semlm tu....

Muhammad's Character & Attributes

The way he spoke
Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not speak unnecessary and what he said was always to the point and without any padding.  His words were precise and concise having complete meaning in few words. He spoke with excellence and there was no excess in it and no abnormal brevity.

When he emphasized a point, he used to repeat it thrice with a gesture. He spoke of nothing unless he hoped a reward from God for it. He told his companions.

His passions
He kept his feeling under control. When annoyed, he would turn aside or keep silent. When someone commits an act that violates God's Law, he used to show serious anger and firm stand. No one would stand against his anger when matters of the Lord's truth were opposed., until he had triumph but he would never get angry for his own sake.

How did he deal with people?
Muhammad (peace be upon him) was always the first to greet the others and would not withdraw his hand from a hand shaker till the other man withdrew his.

Whoever saw him unexpectedly would admire and revere him. And whoever socialized or associated with him familiarly, loved him. He was gentle by nature. He was neither coarse nor disdainful of anyone.

When he looked at the others, he looked at them in full face. If someone called him he didn't turn his face only but gave attention with his whole body.
When he would go to visit a group, he would sit in the nearest available spot. He ordered his companions to follow his practice. He would give those seated near him his full share of attention in such way that no one would think others had been given precedence over him. He didn't reserve fixed places among the people to be seated. He was fair with his companions and all people. They were distinguisshed only by virtue and devotion to God.

Itu saja lah untuk hari ini..insya allah, sekiranya diizinkan, aku sambung lg esok yerk...
Dgn itu, aku mendoakan kita semua dipanjangkan umur n dimurahkan rezeki, amin.

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